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The Ultimate Guide to Downloading 10-15042-RS2-iPreview x64 Pre RTM for Free in Multiple Languages

How to Download 10-15042-RS2-iPreview x64 Pre RTM for Free in 7 Languages

If you are looking for a way to download the latest cumulative update for SQL Server 2019, you might be interested in 10-15042-RS2-iPreview x64 Pre RTM. This is a pre-release version of the update that contains all the fixes and improvements from previous updates. You can download it for free and install it on your Windows device.

10-15042-RS2-iPreview x64 Pre RTM-(FR,CA,DK,NL,PL,SE,US)+LP

However, there is a catch. This version is not officially supported by Microsoft and may have some bugs or issues. It is intended for testing purposes only and should not be used in production environments. You should also backup your data before installing it, as it may cause data loss or corruption.

Another thing to note is that this version is only available in seven languages: French, Canadian, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Swedish and US English. If you need a different language, you will have to wait for the official release of the update.

So, how can you download 10-15042-RS2-iPreview x64 Pre RTM for free? Here are the steps:

  • Go to this link and download the Windows 8 Professional (RTM) 64-bit ISO file. This is the base operating system that you will need to install the update.

  • Burn the ISO file to a DVD or create a bootable USB drive using a tool like Rufus.

  • Boot your device from the DVD or USB drive and follow the installation instructions. You will need to enter a generic product key to bypass the activation window. You can use this key: FB4WR-32NVD-4RW79-XQFWH-CYQG3 (Retail generic key) .

  • Once Windows 8 is installed, go to this link and download the SQL Server 2019 for Microsoft Windows Latest Cumulative Update file . This is the file that contains 10-15042-RS2-iPreview x64 Pre RTM.

  • Run the file and follow the installation instructions. You will need to select the language of your choice from the seven options available.

  • Restart your device and enjoy the latest features and fixes of SQL Server 2019.

That's it! You have successfully downloaded and installed 10-15042-RS2-iPreview x64 Pre RTM for free in your preferred language. Remember, this is a pre-release version and may have some issues or bugs. Use it at your own risk and backup your data regularly.

Now that you have installed 10-15042-RS2-iPreview x64 Pre RTM, you might be wondering what are the benefits of this update. Here are some of the main features and improvements that you can expect:

  • Better performance and scalability: The update enhances the query processing and memory management of SQL Server 2019, resulting in faster and more efficient operations. It also improves the concurrency and availability of the database engine, reducing the chances of errors or failures.

  • Enhanced security and compliance: The update adds new features and capabilities to protect your data and meet the regulatory standards. For example, it supports Always Encrypted with secure enclaves, which allows you to encrypt sensitive data without compromising functionality. It also supports data classification and auditing, which helps you identify and monitor your data assets.

  • More analytics and insights: The update enables you to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze your data and gain insights. It supports Big Data Clusters, which allows you to integrate and query data from various sources, such as Hadoop, Spark, or Kubernetes. It also supports R and Python integration, which allows you to run advanced analytics and predictive models on your data.

These are just some of the highlights of 10-15042-RS2-iPreview x64 Pre RTM. You can find more details and documentation on the official Microsoft website.

We hope this article has helped you download and install 10-15042-RS2-iPreview x64 Pre RTM for free in your desired language. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below. Thank you for reading! e3ff22d237

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