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THE REPUBLIC: THURSDAY. AUGUST 22. 190LTHE ST. LOUIS REPUBLICPUBLISHERS: GEORGE KNAPP OO.Charles W. Knapp. President and Gen. VgT.Oeorge 1 Allen. Vice Prastdoit.TV. B. Carr, Secretary.Office. Orrer Seventh and Olive Street.(REPUBLIC BUILDING.)TERMS OP SUBSCRIPTION".DAILY AND SUNDAY-SEVEN ISSUES AWEEK.B- Mail-In Advance rostage Prepaid.One yearFix months J?Tiree months I ;Any three day, except Snnlay. one year. j"-Funday. wlUi Magazine "Fractal Mall Edition, SundayCu-dav Macarlne .. .BY CARRIER. FT. LOUIS AND SUBURBS.Per week, dally only ,T ''!!.!rT week, dally and Sundav- c'nlTtVICn-A-WBEK ISSUR.Published llondiy and Thursday one year...l TORemit by bank draft, express money order orregistered letter. RrprBuaSt. Louis. Mo-ETTleJected communications cannot be returnedunder any circumstanceEntered In thf Po.t Office In St. Louts. Mo . aareeeno"--las matter. ...DOMESTIC POSTAOE. TER COpV.Elrht. ten and twelve pares niEliteen. Ichteen -nd twenty par"-2 c-"-ts f t we er J centa fcr two papersTwenty-two or twenty-elsht pages S centaThirty paces J centsTELUTIIONE NCMBFTW.Hell. Tttnloch.Conntlra-.Rorn- Main "?1 A ITSEditorial Receptlon-Itoom....Park IS A 7THURSDAY. AUGUST U. 1MLVol. 94 No. 53jrr.v cincci.Tioif.W. B. Carr. Business Manager of The St.Louis Republic, beinjr duly sworn, says thatthe actual number of full and completecopies of the dully and Sunday Republlaprinted during; the month of Ju'.7. 1901.all In regular editions, wes as per schednlsbelow:Date. Copies.1 72,830S. 72,1008 72,07074,1505 72,2506 73,5307 Sunday.. 94,1008 71,540. 0 72.02010 71,10011 71,02012 71,310IS 72,06014 Snnday.. 91,69016 .'...71,400V1B 71,050Data. Cop.17 70,520IS 70,65019 70,60020 71,99321 Sunday.. 90,43022 71,32023 70,75024 71,35025 71,40028 71.23027 72,51023 Sunday.. 88,78029 .....72,77030 71,93031 71,350Tctal for the month 2.301,800Xss all copies spoiled In printing, left over or filedO.00TKetnnmber distributed.... 2,249,793Average daily distribution .... 72,573And said W. B. Carr further saya thattht number of copies returned or reportedunsold during the month of July was MSper cent .W. B. CAHB,Sworn to and subscribed before ma this)thirty-first day of July. 1901.J. F. FARISH.KoUry Public. City of St. Louis. Mo. Mjterm expires April 26, 1306.WORLD'S J 903 FAIR.STATE THE POINT.The Olobo-Democrat cornea forthBgaln with a flourish; also with an ariy of figures purporting to give theamount available each year for reduction of the State debt since 187L Theflourish is as usual pointing out nothing In particular.In order to get started toward an Issue, suppose the Globe states exactlywhat amount should have been, used Inthe Interest fund to liquidate, principaland Interest, the State bonded debt inthe period occupied.It might also come to a conclusion asto whether the School Fund certificatesare part of the bonded debt or not.By thus proceeding the grent financialcritic of the flcc-dog era may reach apoint where something is submitted thedecision of which will settle the contention of crookedness In Missouri Stateadministration.FRIENDS.Relations between Alton and St. Louishave always been so friendly that thesetting aside of to-day as a LouisianaPurchase Celebration day In the StreetFair of that city is perfectly In order.Representatives of the 'World's Fairwill make addresex. Excursion trainswill carry large numbers of people fromSt. Louis to Alton. The Interchange ofcourtesies shows that the comity ofcltiM Is no idle boast.Alton, while geographically in Illinois,properly enough regards Itself as beingentirely within the radius of the circleknown as St. Louis trade territory. In11103, the citizen of Alton who falls tovisit the Louisiana Purchase Celebration will have few to imitate him. This3 ear St. Louis people should begin thevisiting fashion by taking a look at Alton's Street Fair.WILL CHOOSE THE BEST.It is, as a matter of course, certainthat the World's Fair Board of Directors will finally dispose of the DirectorGeneralship question on the basis of thegreatest resultant good to the World'sFair.No other consideration enters into thematter. If It Is seen that the appointment of a Director General will increasethe promise of World's Fair success, aDirector General will be appointed. Ifit Is seen that better practical resultscan be attained by means of an executive council to conduct World's Fairwork, the executive council will be substituted for the Director General heretofore contemplated as the guiding Influence in the making of the Fair.The situation la simple. The World'sFair Board of Directors is striving exclusively for the fullest World's Fairsuccess. It decides all questions on thisbasis. It is on this basis that the matter of the Director Generalship will besettled.IS IT CARELE88XESS?Excise Commissioner Seibert seemswilling to do his duty in taking awaythe licenses of saloonkeepers who persist In violating the early-closing regulation. He has also declared war on alldisorderly places. His position has beentaken with the full understanding thathe would receive the moral support ofthe people of St. Louis.Chief Klely has said that he wishes tohelp the Excise Commissioner in everypossible way. In making that declaration, he spoke also for the departmentover which he commands. He.has let itbe understood that he favors a thoroughenforcement of the law.There has been violation of the earlyclosing order- Robberies' and usataltabare occurred la saloonaC In some cases,patrolmen have reported the dramshopkeepers. Eight of tlievs proprietors harebeen before Mr. Seibert for trial, inno case did the patrolmen offer enoughevidence on which the license of the salonkeeper could be revoked.There will have to be a change. Tatrolmen must learn that the public looksto them to do their part in enforcing thelaw. No dramshop-keeper should be reported unless there Is a reasonableamount or evidence against him. On theother hand, no violator of the law6houId be permitted to escape the penalty through the neglect or Ignorance ofthe men whose duty it is to see that lawand order prevail.CONTRASTED RECORDS."It Is strange." says the Globe-Democratin one of its typically dishonest otltorial attempts to avoid giving due credit for beneficent Democratic achievement, "tint the State bonded debt Is notpaid off $1,000 at a time, so as to permitthe Democratic papers to baUde eachtime that 'We are vindicated again.' "The Glolc-Democrat would unquestionably prefer to see the State bondeddebt paid off in small Installments of81,000 Instead of at the rate of jpioiUOOat a time, as has now but recently beendone. It would aIo relish an opportunity to hovvl that the entire Statedebt will not be wiped out by January 1,100.1. as is now certain under a wltand honest Democratic administration.These achievements embarrass theGlobe greatly. They render absurd tintrabid organ's charges of crookedness luthe management of the State finances.Rut the Democratic party in control inMissouri Is working for the people's interest, not to supply partisan camiiaigumaterial for Globe-Democrat ue. Democratic administrations hae been paying off the State bonded debt in bigchunks because it was a big debt. Itwas saddled on the taxpayers of Missouri by Republican misrule. Its totalexceeding $20,000,000, and for years !tkept this State under the burden ofheavy taxation. Even while this $20.000,000 debt was being contracted bythe Republicans the tax levy In Missouri was twice as great as that underwhich the Democratic party has paid offthe debt. About all the Globe can findto say, however, In discussing the matter. Is a dodgingly flippant word or twosuch as the above utterance In its editorial columns, intended solely to obscure the fact of Democratic service tothe State.The truth of the whole situation isthat the Globe-Democrat dares not seriously discuss the record of the wipiugout of Missouri's bonded debt. Thatrecord is a Democratic campaign argument of the most potent description.Missouri Democracy is glad to go beforethe people on such a record. Is the Republican party of Missouri willing tostand on the Republican record with regard to Missouri's bonded debt? It wasthe Republican party's control of theState which created the debt. It Isexclusively under Democratic controlthat the debt has been extinguished amithe tax levy reduced, at the same time,to just one-half what it was under Republican misrule.BUSINESS SENSE.In the determination of Kansas Cityto be represented at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition by a million-dollar exhibit may be seen the energy that isso characteristic of that Missouri city.If such an announcement were madeby any other city of 10.1,000 Inhabitants,It would be received with some allowance for patriotic Imagination. Not sowith Kansas City. The live businessmen and wide-awake citizens of thatsturdy metropolis never overlook achance to advertise. When it wasthought that a bare chance of securingthe National Democratic Convention existed, they went ahead and landed theprize. It took money and hard workand good generalship, but they succeeded. When the Auditorium burned a fewmonths after completion, the citizenstook another pull together and had anew one ready In time for the convention. When a few progressive citizensthought that there should be a park system commensurate with the natural advantages, the knockers were disposedof In short order. Anything that Kansas City wants it Is very likely to getwithout much delay.Mr. Charles J. Schmelzer, president ofthe Commercial Club, speaks by the cardwhen he suggests that the cattle Industry of Kansas City can easily bemade the leading feature of the display.Everything will be on a big scale. "Weshall have to do it," lie says. "Thatspirit which brought a national convention here will send to St. Louts an exhibit that will be second to nothing onthe grounds, with the single exceptionof St. Louis's own account. It behoovesus to put on our best bib and tucker andattract attention. We start a ball rolling here and everybody helps push Italong. A million, not n penny less, willbe spent before the first visitor is permitted to get inside our building."That Is the proper spirit. Kansas Cityknows a good thing. St. Louis takespleasure in noting the energetic plansoutlined by the promoters of that city.It will be dollars and cents in the pockets of the growing community at themouth of the Kaw.KEEP IT PROMINENT.President McKtnley's proclamation,announcing to all foreign Governmentsthat a World's Fair will be held In St.Louis In 1003 to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase, and Inviting all nations to takepart as exhibitors at the Fair, officiallybrings that great undertaking to theworld's knowledge.It now remains for St. Louis to keepthe World's Fair of 1903 prominently inthe center of the international stagefrom this time until the event shall havepassed into history.There must be no slackening of interest anywhere on the habitable globe. Instead, there must be a steady growthand an unceasing development of Interest which shall insure the full successof the Fair from the standpoint of exhibits and attendance. The World'sFair of 1903 must be the biggest andbest ever seen. The people of all theworld must be made to know beforehandthat this achievement Is certain.The representatives of the World'sFair in foreign parts, the bureau of publicity, the directing machinery in general, should labor to this end. The Na-tional Government Itself, through Itsdiplomatic and consular service, will beof tremendous assistance, but theWorld's Tair management must primarily make sure that the World's Fair iskept in the public mind. There Is nomore Important work than this.MONROE DOCTRINE.Doctor Martinez Silva, the ColombianMinister to this country. Is confidentthat the I'nited States Governmentcherishes no imperialistic intention ofconquest In South America. "We feelsays he, "that we can trust Impliclty thehigh sense of right and Justice of theAmerican people."With some unimportant exceptionsthe press and public of Europe share theconviction that the I'nited States Government will not use the ColombianVenezuelan trouble as a pretext for territorial acquisition. It is understoodthat this Government will not exceedIth rights under the Monroe Doctrine ludealing with the existing crisis.These views are proper under the circumstances-,and their full Justificationby the American course now to be developed in South America must logicallystrengthen the Americau position beforethe world.We claim a certain sort of protectorate over the weaker Republics In theWestern Hemisphere. We shall not interfere In their affairs licjoml whatmay be necct-sary for the protection orAmerican interests. Our own forbearance adds to the strength of our positionunder that doctrine which commandsEurope to keep hands off the westernhalf of the world.The satisfactory settlement of the Colombian-Venezuelandispute on Ill'sbasis will reflect high endit on theFnited States Got eminent as In Ing eminently In keeping with the 1 "ie American spirit. There is no reason to beliet ethat the United States will Interfere between the two clashing South AmericanRepublics, save to protect American interests. The authority of the MonroeDoctrine will be vastly Increased by themaintenance of such an attitude.THE MAN AT THE WHEEL.It would be genuinely astonishing irthe fact now develops that the famous"loop" of the Brooklyn at Santiago wasthe result or an error on the part of theman at the wheel, instead of a deliberate maneuver for which due responsibility has already been accepted.Bluejacket Adams, of the Brooklyn'screw in the Santiago light, says that hewas stationed at the wheel throughoutthe conflict. When it was seen that theVlsoaya ttas) headed to ram the Brooklyn, the latter's navigating otlicer, Adams declares, gave the order to put thewheel "hard down," which would haveheaded the Brooklyn for the Viscaya.Instead, Adams put the wheel "hardup" and the "loop" was the consequence. It might !e just as well If BluejacketAdiuis testified berore the Naval Courtor Inquiry. He seems to have a significant btory to tell. It isn't a very reassuring story, however. The figure or anAmerican warship steersman so badlyrattled In a fight as to reverse his steering orders is not the figure of the typicalAmerican man-o'-warsman. Let's hopethat Bluejacket Adams was misquoted,or, at least, that he was talking throughhis hat when he told this story.As long as public Improvement billsare pigeonholed In the House of DeleKates, ever- appointment Indorsed bymembers of the combine that Is fightingthe city administration should be a matter for reconsideration.Now, If the Globe-Democrat wouldspecify the amounts that ought to havebeen applied on the State debt and towards the payment ot Interest, theremight be an lesiie to be picked out or allits generalities.World's Fair year will be n JubileeYear for Missouri. At Its very dawnthe last dollar of the ?lii,uuo,imj cteutfnsteneil on the State by the Republicanparty will be paid off by the Democraticparty.Modern commercial necessities havemade the demolition of the old MasonicTemple advisable. The erection of athirteen-story sky-scraper in its placemakes the loss of a landmark a distinctgain.Under Republican misrule Missouriwas saddled with a bonded indebtednessof over $20,000,000. Exclusively underDemocratic rule the last dollar of tillsdebt will bo paid by January 1, 1903.The Glasgow Exposition has been Inoperation three months and has paid nilexpenses to date. It might be well forSt. Louis managers to get some pointersfrom the sensible Scotch.Missouri Democracy has paid theState bonded debt with a tax levy onlyhair as great as that Imposed by Missouri Republicanism w Idle the latter wascontracting the debt.All the great newspapers of Europewill print the President's World's Fairproclamation to-day. They should bekept plentirully supplied with World'sFair news hereafter.To-day the tide or travel should be Altonwards. St. Louis will express Itsgood wishes for the Twentieth Centurycelebration by sending visitors bytrain and ship.It makes the Globe-Democrat awfulmad that Missouri Democracy Is nowabout to extinguish the State bondeddebt created by Missouri Republicanism. St. Louis clearing-house returns aroJust twice what they were six years ago.Indications point to even a largergrowth within the next six years.Germans quartered in the Tlen-TslnUniversity will neither move nor payrent. Imperial tricks are sometimesdrawn from squalid sources.French newspapers believe that we'reabout to grab the Isthmus of Panama.It's human nature to Judge others byyourself.If the Brooklyn's loop at Santiago wasreally a steersman's mistake let's a

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