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Levi King
Levi King

Playboy Erotic Fantasies - Complete Collection

Deep inside the sensual mind lie fantasies so deep, so intense, so utterly uninhibited that they transport you into a new realm of eroticism. In this provocative program, you'll enter that realm through a series of fascinating vignettes where the possibilities are endless and anything you imagine can... and will happen.

Playboy Erotic Fantasies - Complete Collection

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This third installment in Playboy's seductive series will captive your imagination with a collection of all-new tales guaranteed to please. Sex sensual scenarios bring your wildest fantasies to life, right before your eyes.You'll take some lesions in love as a handsome college man discovers the sexiest way to make the grade with his provocative professor. Sick your teeth into an after-hour adventure with a rugged researcher seduced by a pair of vixenish vampire. "Horse around" with a gorgeous equestrienne who decides she'd like to score more than points with her sexy instructor. And, journey back in time to the golden days of burlesque when a stranded traveling cast of showgirls.These and more tempting tales are yours for the asking ... so vivid, so erotic, so utterly arousing that you'll wonder if they were really just fantasies at all.

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