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Axel Anderson
Axel Anderson

Numb Encore By Jay-Z Linkin Park

Paul McCartney, who had previously won 13 Grammys, performed at the event for the first time in his more than 40-year music career.[5] The performance took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on February 8, 2006 after McCartney sang a new song called "Fine Line" and the classic "Helter Skelter" with Foo Fighters.[6] Brad said, "On February 8th, the seven of us were joined onstage by Sir Paul McCartney, to mash together the Collision Course single with one of the Beatles' most classic songs, "Yesterday." "Yesternumb," or "Yesternumbencore," if you will, blended together three seemingly unrelated compositions into one remarkable whole. Most striking to me about this union is that it highlights the connection between these three songs, and, in fact, the interrelationship of all musical forms. And on a personal level, it was also incredibly fun. I'm compelled to report that Sir Paul is one of the most humble, gracious, affable people with whom we've had the privilege of collaborating."[7]

Numb Encore by Jay-Z Linkin Park


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