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Harmonize The Customer Journey With Integration ((LINK))

Adobe Journey Optimizer is built natively on Adobe Experience Platform and combines a unified, real-time customer profile, an API-first open framework, centralized offer decisioning, and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for personalization and optimization. Journey Optimizer allows brands to intelligently determine the next best interaction with scale, speed, and flexibility across the entire customer journey. With Adobe Journey Optimizer, companies can create and deliver both scheduled marketing campaigns (such as weekly promotions for a retail store) and tailored individual communications (like a push notification for an item that a loyalty app customer may have looked at that was previously out of stock) within the same application.

Harmonize the customer journey with integration

Leading a customer-experience (CX) transformation can generate a lot of anxiety. Many leaders hesitate to even start because they are overwhelmed by the many challenges of driving change across virtually every silo in the organization. But this hesitation creates real risks for the business. The recent shifts in consumer behaviors and expectations brought about by COVID-19 are forcing companies to change how they connect with and serve customers. Those that do not adjust to the next normal will quickly be left behind. History clearly shows the value of investing in customer experience during a downturn. In the last economic recession, companies that prioritized customer experience realized three times the shareholder returns compared to the companies that did not. The time for action is now.

A good CX aspiration delivers on company purpose and brand promise. In alignment with their company missions, Nike seeks to deliver inspirational experiences, Starbucks looks to provide experiences that nurture, and BMW seeks to offer the ultimate driving experience. Costco doesn't try to replicate the experience its customers have at high-end retailers but instead provides a no-frills in-store experience that reflects its low-cost brand promise.

Once they have prioritized the experiences with the greatest potential impact on customer behavior, CX leaders identify the internal processes and technology capabilities they need to substantially reimagine them. They consolidate the prioritized experiences and the development of the required capabilities to create a road map that identifies critical activities quarter-by-quarter. These companies typically plan their investments in 24-month increments with frequent stage-gates to validate that the expected financial impact has been realized.

Another critical element of all successful CX transformation programs is a central team that combines ideation tools and methods, continuously conducts both generative and evaluative customer research, and brings together cross-functional experts with specific expertise, such as scrum masters, omnichannel technology architects, designers, and researchers. This central team ensures that the culture of technology-enabled innovation becomes a distinctive competitive asset that is sustained over time and across all geographies.

In order to deliver exceptional omnichannel customer experiences, companies need a technology stack that spans the business. It often takes the form of a digital platform built around microservices and APIs to quickly and flexibly offer a variety of services to customers, an omnichannel contact-center platform with call recognition, chat, video chat, and email management, and a single system that integrates the platforms with each other. For example, a health insurer that wanted to redesign its customer-onboarding journey pursued two parallel workstreams: one that reimagined and simplified the entire enrollment process and another that rebuilt the underlying technology. The two teams, working together, were able to modernize the omnichannel platform and technology, which enabled them to transform what had been a set of disparate, paper-based, channel-specific processes into a seamless, digitally enabled omnichannel experience. In just six months, this company tripled online applications, realized 90 percent straight-through processing, and reduced back-office work by 80 percent and front-office work by 70 percent.

Leading organizations are now using predictive analytics, machine learning, and big data to overcome the well-known limitations of customer feedback, which often provides an incomplete and inaccurate view of actual customer experiences. At minimum, companies need management systems with sophisticated feedback loops that teach employees which behaviors yield the best results and guide innovation teams on where to focus their efforts. The best tools allow companies to accurately predict the current satisfaction and future spend of each of its customers based on their experiences. One major travel company built a capability that scored the experience of every single customer based on data such as location, loyalty member history, and recent trip experiences. It then used machine learning to predict customer satisfaction for each customer based on their individual experience. This new capability allowed the company to dramatically improve its follow-up with customers immediately after poor service experiences, increasing satisfaction by 800 percent for the most dissatisfied customers and reducing churn intent by 59 percent.

The most forward-looking companies have created integrated data lakes and used advanced analytics and machine learning to improve the experiences of every customer. An analytics engine that enables leadership to identify the customer interventions and investment strategies with the greatest impact can be deployed in three to four months.

At Optimizely, we understand that some of the biggest challenges facing brands today involve customer data management, locking potential and holding marketers back from creating exceptional experiences. Coming in Q3 this year are new and novel ways to harmonize enterprise data from across the customer journey, quickly develop integrated understanding, and activate based on behavior-based insights. So as we head into the second half of 2022, the team at Optimizely is excited to announce the following product updates to empower data-driven marketers to unlock their digital potential.

We've all felt the pain of supply chain delays, but did you know there's a hold-up in customer data too? Latency and stale data for marketing is costing you more than you think and hurting your brand. At Optimizely, we empower brands to be adaptable with fresh data; only Optimizely has it.

Access to fresh data is imperative for brands to adapt with speed and scale. The Real-Time Segment Builder will empower marketers to build and activate segments with real-time relevance, as opposed to the day-old data from other leading customer data solutions.

Starting in Q3, the new standard in data management for all Optimizely products provides data-driven marketers with an essential CDP and integrated reports and dashboards for new insights into the customer journey.

In Q3 the global rollout of Optimizely Connect Platform (OCP) continues. Connect Platform is the plug-and-play solution giving marketers one-click integrations into the world's leading customer experience applications.

Understanding your customer journey, and how customers engage with your marketing campaigns is vital to your business. But unified campaign reporting creates a significant challenge when you have multiple regions, buying platforms, campaigns, audiences and creatives.

Zenkit is a project management and collaboration tool that simplifies the management and planning of every aspect of a project, from the creation and completion of tasks to communicate with your team members. Usually, businesses are required to juggle multiple tasks at once, such as follow up with potential leads, complete project after project, resolve customer issues, and maintain employee engagement in the workplace.

With Zenkit integration, you can fly through your tasks, employ efficient communication with your employees, follow up with your customers and get instant notification on the latest feedback with oodles of energy left to be smiling through it all!

Getting a headache from all the responses that are piling up? What about all those spreadsheets with overflowing information that look like hieroglyphics? Lucky for you, the Zenkit Survey integration ensures efficient tracking of responses from a multiplex of survey projects. You can now breathe a sigh of relief as this integration lets you create custom views of your data.

Traditionally, companies have housed employee experience (EX) with Human Resources while customer experience (CX) has lived in a completely separate part of the business. Often the paths never crossed. Effectively CX and EX were siloed from one another.

When it comes to CX and EX, is there mutual ownership in your organization? Or is it parceled out by department or job function? Our latest blog offers guidance on approaching CX and EX with a more holistic view to break down silos and get better results for both customers and employees.

An omnichannel customer journey is defined as the one that assimilates multiple communication channels. The journey begins with the very first interaction a customer has with your organization and ends when that customer stops doing business with you.

It involves interacting with and engaging customers on their preferred channels, creating a seamless, end-to-end customer journey regardless of the combination of touchpoints a customer uses to engage with your business during the point of sale and throughout their lifecycle.

When businesses gain comprehensive understanding of the omnichannel customer journey, it becomes easier to harmonize the marketing and customer service efforts across interaction channels, while keeping customer needs in prime focus.

Buyer personas play an important role in the overall customer journey mapping process, it is vital that organizations create valuable personas that provide a robust platform upon which to build the maps. 041b061a72

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