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How to play Asian handicap? Experience in betting

Asian handicap, also known as handicap or Handicap betting, is a popular type of online betting because it brings a thrilling and exciting experience to bettors. Those who are new to this type of betting may feel surprised and confused due to the different types of odds. Therefore, if you want to effectively bet on Asian handicap, let's take a look at the following football tips vip

Overview of Asian handicap in online betting

Another name for Asian handicap betting is handicap or Handicap betting. Asian handicap always creates balance for each match. When placing a bet, pay special attention to the score between the losing and winning teams. The official betting time for a match, including injury time, usually lasts a total of 90 minutes.

In addition, in some cases where two teams are tied, there will be additional betting rounds lasting 30 minutes. Asian handicap helps bettors easily perceive the difference between the strengths and positions of the two teams due to the high betting odds. If you pay attention carefully, you will easily come up with the most accurate prediction.

Guide to reading some common types of Asian handicap odds

Asian handicap betting is considered highly interesting and therefore attracts many bettors. In fact, many people have won large sums of money by betting on this type of odds. Bettors place bets on the team that scores more goals, and if the prediction is correct, they win the bet.

In a match, we can refer to Team A as the favorite and Team B as the underdog. The favorite team is usually considered stronger in terms of ability, while the underdog team is weaker and therefore given a certain number of goals. Here are some common types of handicap odds that players need to know:

Asian handicap (level ball)

This type of handicap is simply understood as having no handicap. Bettors only need to bet on the team participating in the match to score more goals. If the predicted result is correct, they will receive a reward. If the two teams draw, the bettors will get their stakes back.

Half-ball handicap

This type of half-ball handicap doesn't appear in every match. The stronger assessed team gives a handicap of half a goal to the weaker team. With this betting odds, bettors who bet on the favorite team need them to win by more than one goal. To decide on a correct handicap, bettors need to determine which team is stronger.

0/0.5 handicap

The stronger team gives a 0.25 goal handicap to the weaker team. In the match, if the favorite team wins by one goal, bettors who bet on them win. On the other hand, if the favorite team draws with the underdog team, bettors who bet on the favorite team lose half of their stake. If the favorite team loses to the underdog team, bettors who bet on the favorite team with 0/0.5 handicap lose their entire stake.

0.5/1 handicap

The stronger assessed team gives a 0.75 goal handicap to the weaker team. When bettors place a 0.5/1 handicap bet, the following scenarios may occur:

The favorite team wins by one goal: Bettors who bet on the favorite team win half of their stake.

The favorite team wins by more than two goals against the underdog team: Bettors who bet on the favorite team win their full stake.

Both teams draw: Bettors who bet on the favorite team lose their entire stake.

1-ball handicap

This type of 1-ball handicap is common and widespread. The team assessed as stronger gives a 1-goal handicap to the weaker team. In the match, if the favorite team wins by two goals, bettors who bet on them win their full stake. If both teams draw, bettors who bet on the favorite team lose all their stakes.

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How to Place Asian Handicap Bets at Online Bookmakers

Essentially, placing Asian handicap bets at online bookmakers is quite similar to betting on corner kicks or yellow card bets because it's relatively straightforward. Here's how you can start your online betting journey step by step:

Step 1: Players register an account using the provided link to the bookmaker. If you already have an account, simply log in to access your betting account and visit the homepage.

Step 2: On the homepage, select "Sports." Then choose the appropriate betting hall and navigate to "football/soccer." Select your favorite match to place your bet on.

Step 3: Various types of bets for the match will be displayed on the interface within the bookmaker's odds table. At this point, choose the "Asian handicap" option and select the odds for the team you want to bet on.

Step 4: Enter the corresponding amount of the displayed bet to complete the process. Once the match result is determined, the bookmaker will provide specific information to you.

Tips for Effective Asian Handicap Betting

Experts in the field have distilled valuable experiences to help you apply them when betting on Asian handicap matches. Specifically:

If the physical condition of both teams is evenly matched, consider their historical performances. Based on this, choose to bet on the team that has performed better.

Give preference to Asian handicap bets for the home team, especially for those with advantages such as strong fan support, high rankings, stable psychological conditions, and consistent form.

Avoid popular bets as they may not yield the expected results.

Stay away from bets with high reward odds.

Immediately after the bookmaker releases the odds, analyze them promptly to gain an advantage. After selecting your bet, monitor odds fluctuations to refine your betting accuracy.


Asian handicap football tips site is quite common in football/soccer odds tables. It can be considered the primary form of betting. Therefore, bettors need to thoroughly understand it to place accurate and effective bets.

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