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[FSX - P3DV1 2)] Aerosoft Thessaloniki X Free Download

Aerosoft Thessaloniki X: A Breakthrough in Scenery Design

Thessaloniki X is a scenery addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (P3D) that depicts the second largest city and airport of Greece in stunning detail. Developed by FSDG and published by Aerosoft, Thessaloniki X is widely praised by flight simmers as a masterpiece of scenery design and quality.

Download File:

Features of Thessaloniki X

Thessaloniki X includes the following features:

  • Fully detailed rendition of Thessaloniki International Airport (LGTS) with high resolution ground textures, 3D night lighting, realistic shadows, and animated traffic.

  • Thessaloniki city designed in full detail with photo-real terrain coverage, custom-made buildings, landmarks, bridges, and vegetation.

  • Optimized scenery for high-end performance and compatibility with all major traffic addons.

  • Configuration utilities to customize the scenery according to your preferences.

  • Manual with installation instructions, FSX settings, FAQs, and charts.

Installation and Configuration of Thessaloniki X

The installation of Thessaloniki X is very simple and only requires you to choose your simulator (FSX, P3DV1 or P3DV2) and add your registration information. The installer will do the rest and add three new entries in your scenery library. You can also access the manual and the uninstaller from the program group Aerosoft - Thessaloniki X - FSX.

The configuration of Thessaloniki X is done through three utilities: Thessaloniki X Manager, AESLite2 LGTS Thessaloniki X Configuration, and LTL.exe. The first two allow you to enable or disable various features of the scenery, such as runway 10/28 extension, static aircraft, dynamic lights, road traffic, etc. The third utility lets you set the TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD parameter in the fsx.cfg file to one of the three values: 1024, 2048 or 4096. This parameter affects the resolution of the textures in the scenery and should be adjusted according to your system specifications.

Reviews and Opinions of Thessaloniki X

Thessaloniki X has received many positive reviews and opinions from flight simmers who have tried it. Here are some excerpts from some of them:

"Thessaloniki X is not a standard scenery, it is a tour de force from some of the most talented scenery designers around. Of course the scenery is accurate but thats just the technical part, what is far more amazing is how much this scenery feels like one of those Greek airports that have calm winters and incredibly busy summers. There is a huge amount of small objects designed and placed in this scenery that prevent the rather common \"bleak and empty\" look of many airports in Flight Simulator. The use of shadows and colours is spot on to give a real three-dimensional sense to the scenery. We especially love the way the airport looks at night as the detailed 3D lights add another dimension to an already stunning area. It's how scenery of medium sized airports should be created and experienced in 2014."

"This is an amazing product! The airport is very detailed with lots of eye candy. The city is also very well done with many custom buildings and landmarks. The performance is very good even with heavy traffic addons. The night lighting is superb and realistic. The configuration options are very handy to adjust the scenery to your liking. This is one of the best sceneries I have ever seen for FSX/P3D and I highly recommend it!"

"I have been waiting for this scenery for a long time and I am not disappointed. The airport is very accurate and detailed, with all the latest changes and constructions. The city is also amazing, with many recognizable places and features. The textures are crisp and clear, the lighting is beautiful, the shadows are realistic, and the performance is smooth. This is a must-have for anyone who likes flying in Greece or Europe."


Thessaloniki X is a scenery addon that sets a new standard for medium-sized airports and cities in FSX and P3D. It offers a high level of detail, realism, and immersion that will make you feel like you are really there. It is compatible with all major traffic addons and has a low impact on performance. It is easy to install and configure, and comes with a comprehensive manual. It is available for purchase from Aerosoft's website for 19.99 EUR (VAT included). If you are looking for a scenery that will enhance your flying experience in Greece, Thessaloniki X is the one for you.

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