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Levi King
Levi King

Everybody's Favorite Piano Pieces

This large songbook includes classic favorites by Mozart, Debussy and Grieg, piano miniatures by Schumann, Arensky and Türk, as well as selections from Bartók's For Children, among many others. Each piece is graded with a star to indicate difficulty, while a glossary of music symbols and a keyboard chart are included to help early students with note and key recognition.

Everybody's Favorite Piano Pieces

A classic repertoire book for young pianists, which provides a wealth of piano favorites. As with Volume One, the scope of the material included is broad and thorough, ranging from the works of the great masters, to the folk tunes and dances of many lands. This collection encompasses grades one through to four.

Musician's or Publisher's Notes March, from The Nutcracker Suite Pyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyEverybodyknows The Nutcracker ballet music. EveryChristmas we hear it in department stores, bus stations, everywhere! Wonderful Russian pianist and conductor,Michail Pletenev, arranged this music for piano and created a Nutcracker suitefor piano. It is a set of very virtuosicand difficult pieces based on the ballet music. Elena Baksht 041b061a72

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