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Axel Anderson
Axel Anderson


Scorpio, on the other hand, is a fixed water sign ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation and rebirth. It's represented by the scorpion, inspired by Greek lore that a scorpion stung and killed Orion.


The biggest issue between these two signs is going to be Geminis' inclination toward illusion, and Scorpios' ability to see through it, according to Quinn, who says, "Gemini can't fool a Scorpio because a Scorpio is going to be able to see right through it with their intuition."

To celebrate the Scorpio Zodiac Sign, we have designed a gender-neutral jewelry piece that organically embraces and celebrates the universe of Scorpio. Presenting the Wonther Scorpio Jewelry Necklace.

At times, you are guided by spirit, an alchemist who shatters illusions as you strive to find the highest potential in any situation. In other moments, you can plunge into deep despair, carrying the pain for all your loved ones and losing sight of any possibility or hope. Balancing these extremes (and the accompanying dark moods) is part of your healing journey.

Helps user achieve higher states of awareness by cutting through the illusion of this plane. Promotes healing, inspiration, divine love, and intuition. Has strong protective as well as calming qualities. Can help free the self from addictions.

Helps one realize the importance of this lifetime by cutting through the illusion and suggestion of this dimension. Aids in the realization that this lifetime should be lived as though it were the last- that each moment is precious and important, encouraging the user to stay in the present and to understand that being in the human form means the task here on earth has yet to be completed.

Larimar cuts through the illusion and suggestion of the ego and society. Discourages acts of jealousy while promoting actions of love and spiritual attunement. Helps one to see their path more clearly and realize that the only truth is that of the highest.

Pietersite grounds the physical body with the etheric body and helps to dispel the illusion of the physical world, allowing the user to experience the perfect love of the divine. Guides and supports the user when realizing the beauty of the soul while recognizing the divine light and love of the universe.

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