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Frantony Parker
Frantony Parker

NjRAT V0.13G Full Version !!TOP!!

the modus operandi of njrat is fairly simple: its a backdoor that collects a wide range of personal information from the infected system, provides a full remote control over the victims device, and then allows the attackers to access the victims web browser, steal financial information, and even to execute arbitrary commands at the command-and-control server.

njRAT v0.13G full version


njrat is able to change its behavior to mimic google chrome or microsoft edge, making it easier for cybercriminals to target potential victims. in these cases, njrat sends requests to google or microsoft servers in order to get a new version of the browser installed. when this happens, the trojan installs a copy of itself onto the victims machine and turns it into a spy device.

njrat is a very stealthy trojan and could easily slip past most of the security solutions. because of that, it requires some advanced malwarebytes anti-malware tools to be removed. although you will not likely encounter this malware while browsing the internet, it is important to scan your pc with a reputable security software. its highly recommended that you install malwarebytes to your pc.

njrat is a backdoor trojan, which is a type of malware that runs on a computer system without the owners knowledge. it is installed without the consent of the user and allows attackers to access sensitive information from the infected computer. this backdoor can even be used to control infected devices remotely. it can also be used to generate fraudulent ads and traffic to malicious sites.

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