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Bluesoleil 6.0 Serial Number

UPGRADE POLICY We supply BlueSoleil basic versions such as BlueSoleil 1.x/2.x/3.x/5.x to Bluetooth chip makers worldwide. Then chip makers bundle their Bluetooth chips with BlueSoleil to USB dongle makers. USB dongle makers supply Bluetooth USB dongles with BlueSoleil to the worldwide market. We then offer advanced versions such as BlueSoleil 10 through our website. But it is not free for these basic versions to be upgraded to BlueSoleil 10. BlueSoleil Dongle End Users need to pay 19.99 Euros(or 27.99 USD) to buy one serial number to upgrade BlueSoleil 1.x/2.x/3.x/5.x /7.x/9.x to BlueSoleil 10. Notice: BlueSoleil dongle end users with BlueSoleil5/7 can free upgrade to BlueSoleil 9; Bluesoleil dongle end users with BlueSoleil 10 can free upgrade to the latest version. BlueSoleil 5/ 7/9 software owners just need to make up the difference to upgrade to BlueSoleil 10.

Bluesoleil 6.0 Serial Number

I bought my dongle and version 6.0 software in a CD from Amazon and I did not get a serial number. I am not sure if there is a serial number somewhere in the (mini) CD that accompanied the dongle. You are responsible for the quality of all of your products. The product description clearly stated that the dongle would work for Windows 7.0 , well it does not. Everytime I try to install it it gives me installation error 183 and rolls back installation. Even installing the X6.4 patch that accompanies the CD does not help. The readme

If you buy the dongle from other businesses ,it often with a software CD in the package,but the software in the CD is too old version .such as BlueSoleil 2.0 and so on ,most of them are cracked version.Our BlueSoleil dongle sold without a CD in the pakege .We sugguest you to install the latest version BlueSoleil 9 or BlueSoleil 10 from our website because old version software have many problems or bugs .But sorry to tell you that our software is not free . you need buy a serial number to active it .

Our serial number is bounded with the computer,and one serial number can only active one computer ,so if you want to change a computer ,you need tell us,we will clear the activation record for you ,then you can use this serial number to active the new computer .

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Support VoIP; Transfer files from/to mobiles phones; Call your contacts though Skype with Bluetooth headset; Wireless access Internet anywhere, anytime, even on moving; Listen to music stored in the PC using a Bluetooth wireless headset anywhere in the range; Push pictures from a Bluetooth Digital Camera to the PC without any cable connection; Print a file using a Bluetooth printer even in another room without any cable connection; Use Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse to control the PC; Exchange or synchronize personal information, name cards etc with other laptops, PDAs or mobile phones; Support Windows muti-user. Note: 30 days trial version. If your Bluetooth device is not licensed or has no serial number with this BlueSoleil version, the software will run with 2 MB Limitation (Amount of data). 350c69d7ab

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