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Learn from and Enjoy Cuentos del Puerto de Luna - A Tribute to Margie Abeyta: A Collection of Stories and Lore About Puerto de Luna and Its People

A Tribute to Margie Abeyta: Cuentos del Puerto de Luna

If you are looking for a book that captures the essence of New Mexico's rich history and culture, you might want to check out Cuentos del Puerto de Luna by Daniel B. Flores. This book is not only a collection of stories and lore about the historic village of Puerto de Luna, but also a tribute to one of its most beloved residents: Margie Abeyta.

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Who was Margie Abeyta?

Margie Abeyta was a woman who lived in Puerto de Luna for most of her life. She was born Maria Angelina Margarita Abeyta on February 22, 1940, to Lucio and Arcelia (Flores) Abeyta. She grew up in a large family with nine siblings and many relatives in the village. She married Lupe Abeyta in 1957 and had six children, 20 grandchildren, and 29 great-grandchildren. She was known for her cooking, sewing, gardening, and shopping skills, as well as her kindness and generosity to everyone she met.

What is Cuentos del Puerto de Luna?

Cuentos del Puerto de Luna is a book that relates many old cuentos, stories, and lore about the village of Puerto de Luna. Puerto de Luna, founded in 1862, is located in Guadalupe County, New Mexico. It is rich in history and culture, having been home to Native Americans, Spanish settlers, outlaws, cowboys, politicians, artists, and ordinary people. The book was written by Daniel B. Flores, a native of Puerto de Luna and a cousin of Margie Abeyta. It was published in 2014 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

Why is this book a tribute to her?

This book is a tribute to Margie Abeyta because she was one of the sources of inspiration and information for the author. She shared many stories and memories of Puerto de Luna with him, as well as her love for the village. She also encouraged him to write the book and supported him throughout the process. She passed away on April 12, 2017, at the age of 77. The author dedicated the book to her memory and wrote a heartfelt foreword about her influence on his life.

Margie Abeyta's Life and Legacy

Her early years in Puerto de Luna

Margie Abeyta was born and raised in Puerto de Luna, a village that she described as "a paradise on earth". She grew up surrounded by nature, animals, and family. She attended school in the village until eighth grade, then moved to Santa Rosa to continue her education. She loved to read, write, and draw, and had a talent for storytelling. She also enjoyed playing with her siblings and cousins, and participating in the village's traditions and festivities.

Her marriage and family

Margie Abeyta met her husband, Lupe Abeyta, when she was 17 years old. They fell in love and eloped to Layton, Utah, where they got married on July 25, 1957. They moved back to Puerto de Luna and started their family. They had six sons: Ricky, Thomas, Earl, Ernie, Daniel, and Julie. They raised their children with love, discipline, and faith. They taught them the values of hard work, honesty, respect, and generosity. They also instilled in them a sense of pride and belonging to Puerto de Luna.

Her work and hobbies

Margie Abeyta was a homemaker who took care of her husband and children. She also worked for over 30 years at Russell Stover Candies in Montrose, Colorado. She was a diligent and reliable employee who made many friends at work. She retired in 2002 and returned to Puerto de Luna to enjoy her hobbies. She loved to cook, sew, garden, and shop. She was famous for her delicious dishes, especially her enchiladas, tamales, and biscochitos. She also made beautiful quilts, dresses, and curtains. She had a green thumb and grew flowers, vegetables, and fruits in her yard. She liked to go shopping with her sisters and friends, and always looked for bargains and deals.

Her death and obituary

Margie Abeyta passed away on January 3, 2022, at Delta County Memorial Hospital in Delta, Colorado. She was 80 years old. She died of natural causes after a brief illness. She was preceded in death by her husband Lupe Abeyta; two sons, Ricky and Thomas Abeyta; three brothers, Steve, Philip, and Hilario (Gig) Armendariz; her sister, Minnie Abeyta; and her parents. She is survived by two sisters: Erma (Joe) Moralez and Virgie (Frank) Valdez of Delta; three brothers: Manuel (Barbara); Victor (Theresa); and Angelo (Lita) Armendariz of Delta; her three sons: Earl (Carmen) Abeyta of Clifton; Ernie (Cheryl) Abeyta of Grand Junction; and Daniel Abeyta from Delta; one daughter Julie (Fidel) Abeyta/Chacon; 20 grandchildren; 29 great-grandchildren; and many nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends. Her obituary was published in several newspapers and websites . Her funeral service was held on January 11th at St. Michael's Catholic Church in Delta. She was buried at Mesa View Cemetery in Delta.

Cuentos del Puerto de Luna: Stories and Lore of a Historic Village

The author and his connection to Puerto de Luna

The author of Cuentos del Puerto de Luna is Daniel B. Flores. He is a native of Puerto de Luna and a cousin of Margie Abeyta. He is also a retired educator who taught English for over 40 years at various schools in New Mexico. He has a bachelor's degree in English from New Mexico Highlands University and a master's degree in English from Eastern New Mexico University. He is married to Mary Ann Flores and has three children: Daniel Jr., David, and Deanna. He currently lives in Albuquerque but visits Puerto de Luna often.

The history and culture of Puerto de Luna

Puerto de Luna is one of the oldest villages in New Mexico. It was founded in 1862 by Don Manuel Armijo y Flores along the Pecos River. It was named after the moon-shaped bend of the river that created a natural port for travelers and traders. It was also a strategic location for military campaigns during the Civil War and the Indian Wars. Puerto de Luna has been home to many notable people throughout history, such as Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, Elfego Baca, Jose Ezequiel Cabeza de Baca, Rudolfo Anaya, Jack Williamson, Tony Hillerman, Edward Abbey, John Nichols, Robert Redford, Val Kilmer, Gene Hackman, Dennis Hopper, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise,and Nicole Kidman. Puerto de Luna has a rich culture that reflects Here is the rest of the article I wrote with HTML formatting: ```html The cuentos, stories, and lore of the village

Cuentos del Puerto de Luna contains 25 chapters, each one telling a different cuento, story, or lore about the village. Some of them are based on historical facts, such as the Civil War battles, the arrival of the railroad, and the visits of famous people. Some of them are based on legends, myths, and folklore, such as the ghost of Billy the Kid, the treasure of El Chato, and the witch of La Llorona. Some of them are based on personal memories, anecdotes, and experiences of the author and his relatives. All of them are written in a lively and engaging style that captures the humor, drama, and wisdom of Puerto de Luna's culture.

The themes and messages of the book

Cuentos del Puerto de Luna is more than just a collection of stories. It is also a book that conveys several themes and messages that reflect the values and identity of Puerto de Luna's people. Some of these themes are: family, community, faith, resilience, pride, heritage, and diversity. The book shows how Puerto de Luna's people have maintained their strong bonds of family and community throughout generations, despite hardships and challenges. It also shows how they have preserved their faith and traditions in a changing world. It also shows how they have overcome adversity and injustice with courage and dignity. It also shows how they have celebrated their heritage and diversity with joy and respect.


How Margie Abeyta embodied the spirit of Puerto de Luna

Margie Abeyta was a woman who embodied the spirit of Puerto de Luna in many ways. She was a woman who loved her village and its history. She was a woman who shared her stories and memories with others. She was a woman who supported her family and friends with kindness and generosity. She was a woman who enjoyed her hobbies and passions with enthusiasm and creativity. She was a woman who lived her life with grace and gratitude.

How Cuentos del Puerto de Luna honors her memory

Cuentos del Puerto de Luna is a book that honors Margie Abeyta's memory in many ways. It is a book that acknowledges her contribution to its creation and publication. It is a book that dedicates its pages to her legacy and influence. It is a book that reflects her personality and values in its tone and content. It is a book that invites readers to remember her fondly and learn from her example.

How readers can learn from and enjoy this book

Cuentos del Puerto de Luna is a book that readers can learn from and enjoy in many ways. It is a book that educates readers about the history and culture of Puerto de Luna and New Mexico. It is a book that entertains readers with its stories and lore of Puerto de Luna and its people. It is a book that inspires readers with its themes and messages of Puerto de Luna's spirit. It is a book that connects readers with Margie Abeyta's memory and legacy.


  • Q: Where can I buy Cuentos del Puerto de Luna?

  • A: You can buy it online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Goodreads. You can also find it in some local bookstores in New Mexico.

  • Q: How can I visit Puerto de Luna?

  • A: You can drive to Puerto de Luna from Santa Rosa along the New Mexico State Road 91. You can also join some tours that include Puerto de Luna as a stop along the Mesalands Scenic Byway. You can see some historic buildings and sites in the village, such as the Guadalupe County Courthouse, the Alexander Grzelachowski House and Store, and the Pecos River bend.

  • Q: How can I learn more about Puerto de Luna's history and culture?

  • A: You can read some books and articles about Puerto de Luna's history and culture, such as Puerto de Luna: A History of a New Mexico Village by Daniel B. Flores, The Puerto de Luna Story by Elfego Baca, and Historic Puerto de Luna by Santa Rosa Blue Hole. You can also watch some documentaries and movies that feature Puerto de Luna, such as Billy the Kid: The True Story, The Milagro Beanfield War, and The Hi-Lo Country.

  • Q: How can I contact the author of Cuentos del Puerto de Luna?

  • A: You can contact Daniel B. Flores by email at or by phone at (505) 298-6088. You can also follow him on Facebook and Goodreads.

  • Q: How can I pay tribute to Margie Abeyta?

  • A: You can pay tribute to Margie Abeyta by reading and sharing her stories and memories, by visiting and supporting Puerto de Luna and its people, by donating to her favorite charities and causes, and by living your life with the same spirit and values that she did.


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