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Demian Tretyakov
Demian Tretyakov

Kepler VBIOS Tuner

unfortunately gtx 880m is known to have high temps , is an amazing gpu for gaming but it reaches 93 very fast . i have a gt60 2pe and have the same issue , so i decided to upgrade to a gtx 970m , which is supposed to run cooler plus is faster. regarding the unlocked vbios i was unable to get it to run on my lap so i cannot tell if the problem could be resolved or not

Kepler VBIOS Tuner


guys i have gt70 2od gaming laptop with 780m a wanted to try vbios but i dont know why when i flashed it with no problems, my 780m change to something like unknown device so its not working i know that i can roll back to original bios but i would like to know why because everywhere i looked it was said that it should work without problems if 780m is my original card so where is the problem? i also know that i could mod inf files but im kinda lazy and this sould work without problems. Could it be because i flashed it in Windows should I try it in DOS through USB? My bios is updated to latest one, so maybe that could be problem or maybe something with optimus because i red somewhere that optimus works through igpu?

Some motherboards can't passthrough GPUs on the first PCI(e) slot by default, because its vbios is shadowed during bootup. You need to capture its vBIOS when its working "normally" (i.e. installed in a different slot), then you can move the card to slot 1 and start the vm using the dumped vBIOS. 350c69d7ab

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