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Axel Anderson

Waitrose Launch Delicious Seriously Cheddar Melting Pot

Cheese fanatics seem to have gone crazy for this delicious Seriously Cheddar melting pot that has launched at Waitrose. With the cold months approaching, these cheddar melting pots makes the perfect comfort food.

Waitrose Launch Delicious Seriously Cheddar Melting Pot

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The melting pots are made with the most delicious Scottish cheddar cheese, which creates a fantastic molten cheese dip. We think that the dip will taste great with either bread or crunchy vegetables in the evening,

Add an extra dimension of deliciousness to your next barbecue or summer gathering. Simply heat this mature cheddar dip in its terracotta pot to prepare a rich, warm dipping sauce. Enhance your burgers with a generous drizzle, create an instant and easy fondue or combine with warm tortillas, jalapenos and sour cream to create the perfect platter of nachos. The fantastic flavour comes from cheddar made by fourth generation Lancashire cheesemakers, using milk from our own and neighbouring farms.

The cheese we miss most since going vegan is cheddar, and it has not been easy to find a worthy alternative we can turn to again and again. This newly launched block from Ilchester is quickly becoming a favourite though. It does indeed melt as advertised (like most vegan cheeses, it takes a smidge longer than dairy cheddar), and the flavour has that familiar cheddar tang that works well in so many different ways and dishes. We used this block shredded in a bechamel sauce for macaroni cheese, and although grating was not that straightforward because it tended to crumble quite easily, the flavour was spot-on. We also loved this cubed on cocktail sticks with pineapple (yes, we went there).

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