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Excimer laser (KrF excimer laser, 248 nm wavelength) was used to damage cellular components in the dorsal funiculus at the lumbar level (L2) of the rat spinal cord. An open lesion was not found at the irradiation site on the spinal cord. However, the cytological examination revealed that cellular components were damaged to the depth of 200-500 microm from the pial surface. The characteristic feature was that at the border of the lesion, many axons remained naked but intact after their myelin sheaths had been completely disintegrated. Such naked axons were subsequently remyelinated by mature or immature glial cells. Mature oligodendrocytes, while retaining their cytoplasmic processes connected with the myelin sheaths of unaffected axons, extended new cytoplasmic processes on nearby naked axons and made new myelin sheaths around them. In contrast, 7 days after the irradiation, numerous immature glial cells appeared in association with naked axons, and some of them were differentiated into oligodendrocytes forming thin myelin sheaths on naked axons. These findings suggest that demyelinated axons can cause the proliferation and probably dedifferentiation of the oligodendrocyte lineage. The use of lasers provides a unique experimental model of demyelination and remyelination in the central nervous system of adult mammals.

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The naked mole-rat (NMR, Heterocephalus glaber) is renowned for its eusociality and exceptionally long lifespan (> 30 y) relative to its small body size (35-40 g). A NMR phenomenon that has received far less attention is that females show no decline in fertility or fecundity into their third decade of life. The age of onset of reproductive decline in many mammalian species is closely associated with the number of germ cells remaining at the age of sexual maturity. We quantified ovarian reserve size in NMRs at the youngest age (6 months) when subordinate females can begin to ovulate after removal from the queen's suppression. We then compared the NMR ovarian reserve size to values for 19 other mammalian species that were previously reported. The NMR ovarian reserve at 6 months of age is exceptionally large at 108,588 69,890 primordial follicles, which is more than 10-fold larger than in mammals of a comparable size. We also observed germ cell nests in ovaries from 6-month-old NMRs, which is highly unusual since breakdown of germ cell nests and the formation of primordial follicles is generally complete by early postnatal life in other mammals. Additionally, we found germ cell nests in young adult NMRs between 1.25 and 3.75 years of age, in both reproductively activated and suppressed females. The unusually large NMR ovarian reserve provides one mechanism to account for this species' protracted fertility. Whether germ cell nests in adult ovaries contribute to the NMR's long reproductive lifespan remains to be determined.

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Naked mole-rats are a long-lived rodent species (current lifespan >37 years) and an increasingly popular biomedical model. Naked mole-rats exhibit neuroplasticity across their long lifespan. Previous studies have begun to investigate their neurogenic patterns. Here, we test the hypothesis that neuronal maturation is extended in this long-lived rodent. We characterize cell proliferation and neuronal maturation in established rodent neurogenic regions over 12 months following seven days of consecutive BrdU injection. Given that naked mole-rats are eusocial (high reproductive skew where only a few socially-dominant individuals reproduce), we also looked at proliferation in brain regions relevant to the social-decision making network. Finally, we measured co-expression of EdU (newly-born cells), DCX (immature neuron marker), and NeuN (mature neuron marker) to assess the timeline of neuronal maturation in adult naked mole-rats. This work reaffirms the subventricular zone as the main source of adult cell proliferation and suggests conservation of the rostral migratory stream in this species. Our profiling of socially-relevant brain regions suggests that future work which manipulates environmental context can unveil how newly-born cells integrate into circuitry and facilitate adult neuroplasticity. We also find naked mole-rat neuronal maturation sits at the intersection of rodents and long-lived, non-rodent species: while neurons can mature by 3 weeks (rodent-like), most neurons mature at 5 months and hippocampal neurogenic levels are low (like long-lived species). These data establish a timeline for future investigations of longevity- and socially-related manipulations of naked mole-rat adult neurogenesis. 041b061a72

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