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Where To Buy Coolhaus Ice Cream ((NEW))

Coolhaus is an American ice cream company based in Los Angeles, California,[1] founded in 2009 by two women named Natasha Case and Freya Estreller.[2][3] Coolhaus is an artisan ice cream brand known for combining Food and Architecture.[4] The name Coolhaus, is in the German language, and when translated into English it is Coolhouse.

where to buy coolhaus ice cream

As of September 2017, Coolhaus distributes in at least 6,000 grocery stores such as Whole Foods and Safeway. Some of the items Coolhaus distributes are ice cream sandwiches, artisan pints and chocolate-dipped bars.[1] In addition, Coolhaus operates food trucks and Ice Cream Shops.[5]

The co-founders launched the company with a converted it into a food truck, and used it to sell ice cream sandwiches at the popular Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.[13] Coolhaus subsequently went viral with Twitter followers and inquiries from the Los Angeles Times and other media outlets.[16] Case left her job at Disney within a month and a half and committed full-time to Coolhaus.[17]

Coolhaus has received widespread attention in newspapers, magazines, television, and social media. Coolhaus has earned recognition in various Zagat features,[28][29][30] and placed second in Zagat editors' 2012 ranking of New York's 8 Best Food Trucks.[31][32]InStyle called Coolhaus the "ice cream brand for every craving imaginable".[33]

ABC's morning television show Good Morning America posted Coolhaus recipes on its website[34][35] and teamed with the company to create its own, exclusive ice cream flavor, chosen by audience votes.

As of April 2014[update], Coolhaus runs two Los Angeles-area storefronts in Old Town Pasadena and the Culver City Arts District, and operates a fleet of eleven mobile ice cream trucks and carts in Southern California, New York City, and Dallas.[3] Prepackaged Coolhaus ice cream sammies, ice cream pints, and ice cream bars are sold in more than 2,500 retail stores, including Whole Foods, Gelson's Markets, Sprouts Farmers Market, Earth Fare, Fairway Market, Safeway, Publix and Wegman's.[22][36][17] Coolhaus is also sold online.[37]

Black Girl Ventures, which provides Black and Brown woman-identifying founders with business-boosting access to community, capital and capacity building, has teamed up with women-owned ice cream brand Coolhaus, to launch a new ice cream flavor and help fund a new generation of Black and Brown female entrepreneurs.

Coolhaus now has 10 food trucks. Its 23 store-sold products include ice creams with flavors such as candied bacon, fried chicken and waffles, and milkshake and fries.

The brand name is a play on words, referencing the early 20th century Bauhaus design movement, Dutch architect and theorist Rem Koolhaas as well as the fact that the ice cream sandwiches look like little "cool houses."

Coolhaus is not only known for its quirky flavors, but also its commitment to mission and social issues. It was started in 2009 by Case and her wife Freya Estreller, who have said they didn't feel represented by owners of other brands. They have made flavors to commemorate Pride and to support estranged British royal-by-marriage Meghan Markle, as well as worked with CPG companies to create ice cream flavored with Ritz crackers and French's mustard.

The acquisition also helps Perfect Day's animal-free dairy proteins get more exposure and find their way into a bigger spotlight. Ice cream with Perfect Day's dairy has been available since last year, but it's either been in new brand Brave Robot or in pints that are only available through e-commerce or in scoop shops. Coolhaus is a well-known premium brand currently available in more than 7,500 stores nationwide. Once it transitions to animal-free dairy, anyone who picks up a pint or one of its novelties will also be trying Perfect Day's precision fermented dairy proteins. This will help drive trial and establish the ingredient among consumers. The Urgent Company also plans to launch a co-branded animal-free Coolhaus/Brave Robot novelty product exclusively with an undisclosed national retailer in 2022.

The Urgent Co. debuted its first brand, Brave Robot, a line of animal-free dairy ice cream, in 2020. The products are now available in more than 5,000 grocery stores nationwide. Other brands in the Urgent Co. portfolio include Modern Kitchen animal-free cream cheese and California Performance Co. animal-free protein powder, both of which launched this year.

I saw it resonate and eventually, with this food + architecture concept (which I called 'Farchitecture') I started making ice cream sandwiches and naming them after architects as comic relief during the recession. My wife (and co-founder) Freya Estreller and I decided to really commit to this as a business. We bought a beat-up-postal-van-turned-ice cream-truck, took our creations to Coachella to sell in mass for the first time - the rest is history.

It was during these breakfasts that Cupid struck my knees, knuckles, and toes with 28 arrows, all of which were directed at ways to enjoy bacon. I had it on sandwiches, astride pancakes and waffles, with syrup, without syrup, in grilled cheeses, between Pop-Tarts, chased with eggs, covered in cinnamon roll goo, and in its simple, unmasked, curvy-crispy form. Yes, I had bacon in all these ways, but never in an ice cream sandwich.

Tasted on its own, the brown butter flavor of the ice cream eludes me, but when eaten with the brown sugar chocolate chip cookie, the nuttiness of the butter smooshes with the brown sugar in the cookie to create some nutty, sweet gastronomical frenzy. It is here that I realize I am embarking on an ice cream frontier not even Bear Grylls has trekked before. Every bite highlights the thick custard. This is not made by a waif Skinny Cow. This must be a Paul Bunyan cow: a big, friendly bovine living a happy life munching on daisies in a field somewhere.

And let us not forget the vessel of delivery: the chocolate chip cookies. This particular riff has a soft crumb, yet remains pliable, sturdy, and doughy enough to hold the mini mountain of ice cream inside (no small feat). Unfortunately, the chocolate chips in the cookie are too scarce to contribute their cocoa glow, but the vanilla bacon brown sugar combination is enough to make up for the loss.

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LOS ANGELES, Dec. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today The Urgent Company, the consumer brands subsidiary of Perfect Day, announced the acquisition of Coolhaus, the leading women-owned ice cream brand in the grocery store, and a pioneer in dessert innovation and novelties. Coolhaus joins The Urgent Company's family of brands, including Brave Robot, Modern Kitchen and California Performance Co., in a move that expands its product portfolio, deepens its commitment to a better food system, and cements its growing leadership in the dairy aisle.

Coolhaus exists to be the household ice cream brand of the future and inspire the next generation of diverse creators. Since 2009, Coolhaus has disrupted frozen dairy with innovative novelties, bringing its social mission to the forefront of its delicious products. One core tenet of its work toward this mission is creating ice cream for positive change--specifically to empower entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds -- including its flavors that give back. As Coolhaus joins The Urgent Company, merging resources and structure, this social impact will expand. Coolhaus is sold in more than 6,000 stores nationwide, including Whole Foods, Thrive Market, Walmart, Sprouts, Kroger, and National Co-op Grocers.

"We created Coolhaus to make better products for everybody. Our ability to lead with purpose and move the dial for consumers becomes even stronger by joining The Urgent Company," said Natasha Case, founder of Coolhaus. "For us, this is about the long game. The integration of Perfect Day protein into our line of beloved dairy ice cream and novelties is going to elevate our product into the next generation of foods making a difference for our families and our planet."

The Urgent Company's first brand, Brave Robot ice cream, debuted in 2020 and was met with immediate demand. Now offered in more than 5,000 grocery stores in the U.S. and with one million pints sold, Brave Robot has quickly become the number one growth driver in the plant-based ice cream category (Source: IRI Total US Food - 12W). The company's other brands, Modern Kitchen and California Performance Co., both launched in fall 2021. The Urgent Company plans to launch an exclusive animal-free dairy CoolHaus x Brave Robot co-branded novelty with a key national retail partner in 2022.

ABOUT THE URGENT COMPANY The Urgent Company is a new type of CPG company, one with a singular focus on the next generation of consumer brands that harness the latest in innovation and science to create revolutionary, delicious, and sustainable animal-free foods with less impact on the planet. The Urgent Company made its marketplace premiere with the launch of Brave Robot, a revolutionary ice cream made with Perfect Day's non-animal whey protein, which uses science and a little bit of technology to remove animals from the equation without sacrificing the indulgent taste and texture of dairy. The Urgent Company strives to be different, while making a difference. They exist for the future and believe that if things don't change now, there will be nothing left for tomorrow. Visit to learn more.

ABOUT COOLHAUS Coolhaus is the leading women-owned ice cream business at grocery and a pioneer in dessert innovation and novelties with its thoughtfully-crafted, super-premium and innovative ice cream and plant-based frozen desserts. Their social mission is to inspire the next generation of women and LGBTQ founders, entrepreneurs and creators of diverse backgrounds to feel empowered to turn their dreams into realities in an equitable environment. 041b061a72

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