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Baal Veer Games 9 Apps Free Download [REPACK]

Debu wants to know about his past from Shaurya and fairies, but he fails. Baal veer captures Milsa but Bambaal secretly kills her to hide his identity from Debu and Vivaan. Baalveer tells Vivaan about him being Nakabposh leaving him shocked. Ray's full powers are unleashed by Debu's blood after he threatens him for Vivaan's life. The bond between Debu and Vivaan grows stronger that they cannot able to live without each other as they became one. After a series of incidents, Baalveer captures Bambaal and kills him. Ray kills Baalveer out of anger. He tries to manipulate Vivaan and Ananya. Baalveer, who is now a spirit, can only touch someone if that person is in danger. He saves Vivan many times. Vivan, who misses Baalveer more than anyone, becomes suspicious about the unknown person who is saving him many times. Ray makes a cooling glass that can see spirits. Baalveer Tracticali gives the glasses to Vivan. God gives Baalveer his life back by seeing the love of Debu and Vivaan for each other and telling them that it was the test for their love. Ray creates problems for the Baalveer's and the fairies. He Revived Bhaymar, Timnasa, and Akroor to revenge Bambaal's and Milsa's Death.

Baal Veer Games 9 Apps Free Download

A new character Happy is introduced, who is a lookalike of Baalveer who lives in Kanpur. And Kaal, another lookalike of Baalveer with evil intentions who was imprisoned by Swarna Shaurya a very long time ago. and kept frozen as a statue in Drak Lok gets freed from prison. Baalveers's energy star divides into 6 pieces and goes into the body of the 6 other look-alikes of Baalveer, which helps Kaal to escape from prison and to obtain Baalveer's all the powers, Kaal decides to kill other lookalikes of Baalveer. Kaal goes to the infinite library to know the location of his five other look-alikes. He discovers his sidekick Mauka Mauka at the library. Along with Kazo, Kaal and Mauka Mauka are able to slip out of Drak Lok without getting noticed by Shaurya, and Swarna Shaurya. On the other hand, Happy tries to understand his powers and he is unfamiliar with how he got his powers. Karuna comes to Kanpur with Mrs. Diwali to visit a temple and while returning, she accidentally meets Happy. As Happy is the lookalike of Debu, Karuna gets shocked and is not able to understand what is happening. Meanwhile, the Fairies try to find Baalveer's lookalike on Earth to protect him from Kaal. On the other hand, Kaal reaches the Snow Universe to kill a look-alike of Baalveer but when he tries to enter an igloo where the look-alike of Baalveer lives he cannot get in because of a Suraksha Kavach. After the multiple futile tries of shaurya of protecting the lookalike of the snow universe from Kaal, Kaal manages to kill the lookalike and gets his powers. Meanwhile, Karuna goes to Happy's house to order a wedding but is unable to recognize Happy as he has color on his face. When Karuna was about to leave she forgets her bag at Happy's house.

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